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Mason House Inn

On March 1, 2007, Chris Moon was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.  Mostly, he talked about his "Edison's Telephone to the Dead" or "Frank's Box" as we like to call it.  During the last part of the 4th hour of the program, Chuck called in to talk about our experiences with Chris and the "Frank's Box".  Below is the transcripts of Chuck's portion of the show.  To hear the entire 3 hour program, go to http://www.hauntedtimes.com/c2c.html .

George:  Christopher, do you ever hear them (the spirits) arguing among each other?

Chris:  Oh, absolutely.  The majority of the time it's about time with the box.  Each one thinks their message is more important than the next.   In one case, at the Mason House Inn in Iowa, there's a very strong spirit there who was an owner and she is very proprietary about the house.  Her husband will come through every so often, and I guess they fought in life, and they have these incredible arguments on the box that everybody just sits back and listens to from time to time.

George:  That's amazing.  Let's take a call from a first time caller.  Hello!

Chuck:  Hi!  I'm Chuck, the owner of the Mason House Inn.

George:  Oh, you are?

Chuck:  Yeah.  Hi, Chris!

Chris:  Hi, Chuck!  How are you?

Chuck:  I'm good!  I want to validate this Frank Box.  I was a skeptic, like Chris said, and we tried every way to foil and disprove it, and the more we do it, the more it proves itself out.  We've owned the Inn for a little over 5 years now, and we knew it was haunted when we bought it, but we did not know who was here.  And the Frank Box has been a valuable tool for us, finding out  who is here and why they're here, and we have identified over 20 different residents here, from children up to Civil War soldiers and previous owners who have died here.  With the Frank Box we're able to have two-way conversations and we're not only getting historical information about the building, which dates back to 1846, but we're also getting personalities of people who lived here and have traveled through here.  Each time we have a Frank Box session here, we learn about a new spirit who is here.

George:  Have you ever had a guest run out of the building, screaming and hollering?

Chuck:  We've actually had guests who came here ghost hunting on their own, from our reputation.  They set up their equipment and left and went to supper, came back, and looked at their videos and listened to their recordings, and got more results than they could stand.  They left in a hurry, even before they paid for the room.

George:  Just what you needed, right?

Chuck:  Right!  One of the interesting things that we have discovered here, our residents, which  is what we call our spirits here, have not only learned how to use the Frank Box, but they have taken that technology a step further and, on occasion, step in and use our portable phones and it sounds like being on a party line.  We have actually recorded them using our phone.

George:  Oh my!   Now let me ask you something, on some of your modern phones, do you get numbers on your caller ID?  Some people have mentioned getting calls from the hereafter with all ones on their caller ID, all across.

Chuck:  This is on a modern phone, but we don't have caller ID.  But something interesting that happens is that on our phone we have a light that blinks when one of the phones is being used.  And sometimes the light will be on, and we will walk around the Inn making sure all the phones are on the cradle.  And all the phones will be hung up, but the light will be on, showing that the line is in use.  Then, when we pick up the phone and listen, we will hear voices on it.  We have actually recorded two spirits talking to each other over our phone line.

George:  So you actually  purchased this knowing it was haunted?

Chuck:  Yes.  We were told by the previous owners that there was Mary on the third floor and they said "If you leave her alone, she'll leave you alone."  Well, with all the occurrences we had during the first year, we knew there was something going on other than just Mary.  We had alarm clocks going off in rooms where we had not had guests for days, and yet the alarms kept ringing day after day, after we turned them off.  So we would say, "That's enough." and it would stop for a while and then start up again.  At night, if we don't lock the doors, we have one resident who will lock the doors for us.

Chris:  It's a really active location.

George:  Without a key?

Chuck:  Yes.  It's really an active place.  My wife has been keeping a journal of the activity since we moved here and people can go to our web site, MasonHouseInn.com,  and read the transcripts of the Frank Box sessions and also read portions of the journal and they can read some of the things that go on around here.  (see Joy' Journal)

George:  Did the sellers of the Inn have to disclose to you that it was haunted?

Chuck:  No.  In fact, the previous owners to them, told us there were no ghosts here when they owned it, but guests that were here at that time have told us of things that happened to them when they stayed here.

George:  That's interesting.  Thanks, Chuck.  Maybe we'll be able to make our way out to your place sometime.

Chuck:  We look forward to it. 

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