Do you enjoy a good ghost story?  Would you like to go "ghost hunting"?  Come join us for an evening of dinner and ghost stories about the Mason House Inn.  Bring your digital camera and see if you can catch a ghost, or atleast an orb or two.

        Orbs around the Mason House  and Cemetery in Bentonsport

    CANCELLED  No date at this time.
  The Mason House in Bentonsport. You may check in anytime after 3:00 pm.
  Supper begins at 5:30 pm.  After supper, we will tell you stories about the different ghostly happenings in the Inn and some about the town.  Bring your favorite ghost story to tell.  Also bring your digital camera with flash and/or a camera that has IR capability.  If the weather cooperates, you can go up to the cemetery or around town and see if you get any orbs there.  The bridge is a good place to get Arthur's orb.  During the night, invite Harold, Amanda, Curtis, Josephine, and Mary to visit you in your never know what's going to happen!
  $80 per person (plus tax). Rooms must have at least double occupancy.  (A non-refundable deposit check of $50 is required at time of reservation.)  Check the Rates and Tour of Rooms page for maximum room occupancy.  This includes the dinner, the program, the night's stay at the Mason House Inn, breakfast in the morning, and all the fun you can handle!

(Note:  Ghosts are fickle creatures and don't show up on demand.  We may or may not find any orbs or apparitions, and you may or may not have something happen in your room.  We don't guarantee anything, but it is fun trying!)


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