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Mason House Inn


2012 - 2013

We had a great time with Winter Fun during the winter of 2011 - 2012!  We enjoyed a Wine and Cheese Tasting party and a Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Dinner.  We will be having more FUN! this coming winter, so please check back often for future events and dates.  During the summer, have some fun by taking a class at the Villages Folk School, www.villagesfolkschool.com

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A Ghost Hunt like the ones on TV!

What?  A Ghost Hunt overnight at the Mason House Inn.  Spend the night and share evidence at breakfast the next morning.

When?  Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Where?  At the Mason House Inn in Bentonsport, Iowa.

Who?  Everybody who loves watching ghost hunts on TV and wants to participate in one.  Children 16 years old and over please.

How much?  $63 per person.   Includes the HUNT, spend the night, breakfast and experience sharing.

What about overnight accommodations?  Included in the fee.  Rooms will be a minimum of two per room.

When can I check in on Saturday? And what about supper?    The HUNT starts at 7pm.  You may check in anytime after 3pm.  Supper is on your own.  There are restaurants in Bonaparte and Keosauqua.  Or bring your own picnic supper.

What about reservations?   Make your reservation today.  A minimum of 4 people needed to hold the event.  A maximum of 20 people.    800-592-3133.


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A Valentine's Day Dinner and "Newly Wed" Game! 

(And "Oldie Weds", too!)

What?   Couples are invited to participate in a "Newly Wed" type game and dinner. 

When?   February 16, 2013    The dinner starts at 5pm with the game following.  You may check in anytime after 3pm.

Where?  At the Mason House Inn in Bentonsport, Iowa.

Who?  Everybody! We have 9 rooms, make your reservation early, they fill up fast.  Check the Availability page to see which rooms are still available.

How much?  Only $120 per couple  (plus 5% tax).  This includes your dinner, game, room for the night, and breakfast the next morning.  ($130 for Caboose Cottage)

How does the game work?   Couples will answer "G rated" questions and try to match answers.  Prizes will be awarded to First and Last place winners.

Single?  Bring a friend and see how much you know about each other.

Call today to make your reservation for Winter Fun and beat the cabin fever!  800-592-3133

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How about taking a

Container Candle Class

with the Villages Folk School!



What?   Joy is offering a Candle Making Class through the Villages Folk School.

When?   I don't have any set dates this year, but if you are interested, call Joy at 319-592-3133 to set up a date.

Where?   At the Mason House Inn in Bentonsport.

How much?    $25, which includes all supplies except your coffee mug.

Coffee mug?  Bring a heat resistant coffee mug to pour your candle into.  When it is done it looks like you have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but it is a delicious smelling candle.  Makes a great gift idea!

How to sign up?   Call the Villages Folk School at 319-592-3700 or go to www.villagesfolkschool.com to register.   Phone: 319-592-3700
Office Hours: Tue thru Fri: 12 - 4pm

How many needed?  A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students.

                             Call today!

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