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The Caboose Cottage Construction  



This is what it looked like in Texas. 

And this is what it looks like in Iowa! 

The Making of the Caboose Cottage:

The Foundation is laid.  (Or where are we going to put it?)  The tree will have to go!

Then the rails arrive by truck and tractor.  Watch your toes, men!  These rails weigh 90 pounds per foot and are 39 feet long.


Chuck lays the ties and gravel.


Heave-Ho men!  And the rails are in place.


Meanwhile, down in San Antonio, Texas, the Caboose is getting a fresh coat of paint.  The locals go check it out for us and think it looks great!

The Caboose is loaded onto the flatbed railcar and headed this direction!

Chuck checks it out at Fort Madison, Iowa.


On a cold and rainy January afternoon, the Caboose arrived in Bentonsport!

Now we just have to get it furnished and decorated!

Click here to see more construction pictures.


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