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Mason House Inn

August 5, 2006

     Christopher Moon visited us once again on 5 August 2006.  This time we did a session with the 'Frank Box' on Friday night in Room 5.  Then, during the Saturday class we did two sessions with the 'Frank Box' in Room 5 again.  The following is a sampling of those 3 sessions:

      Session on Friday night,  4 Aug. 2006:

"Fannie Mason Kurtz, are you here with us tonight?".....'I am.'

"Can you tell us what happened to George's tin shop that was next to the Inn?".....'It was razed.'

"Was it a flood that caused it or was there a fire?".....'Both'

"Was there so much damage from a flood that they burned it down?".....'Yes'

"Do you know what year that was?".....'189_.....'

"Before the 1903 flood?".....'Yes, 6 years before.'

"What was on the second floor of the tin shop?".....'Tin smith.  Tools.'

"Where did your father, George, live with his family?".....'In town.'

"Do you know what happened to the large white barn that was behind the Inn?".....'It was razed.'

(Someone else come on.)  "What is your name, please?".....'Mary'

"Hello Mary.  Do you know what happened to the large white barn that was behind the Inn?".....'She told you.  Razed.'

(2 men start talking over each other.)  "What are your names?".....'Joseph'    'Hayden'

"Are you connected to the Inn or just passing by?".....'I visit.'

(A woman comes on.)   "What is your name, please?".....'Hilda.  I was a servant here.'

"What is your last name?".....'Johnson'

"Who was the owner you worked for?".....'Paul.  He's a mean man.'

"What year was that?".....'1960'

"So you are from the recent past.".....'You could say that.'

"Did you know the Redheads?".....'Oh, yes.  Red hair.'

"Were they here when you worked here?".....'You could say that.'  (note: the Redheads sometimes hired managers to run the Inn.)

"Do you reside here now?".....'I visit sometimes.'

"It was nice meeting you.  Thanks for stopping by.".....'Thank you.'

"We'd like to talk to Curtis now.  Are you here Curtis?".....'I'm here.'

"Curtis, do you show yourself to Joy sometimes?".....'I watch her clean.  Couldn't get it any cleaner.'

"Do you stay here in the Inn?".....'I do.  I like the rooms.'

(A woman comes in.)  "What is your name, please?".....'Judy.  I saw the phone.  I like it here.'

"Thank you, but we'd like to hear from Curtis now.  Curtis, what is the last year you remember?".....Judy says 'It's 2006.  Ha ha ha.'

"Judy, what year did you die?".....'1906'

"Do you stay here?".....'Just passing through.'

"Judy, can you see us now?.....'Look like shadows.'

"Do you see the picture I am holding?".....'Yes'

"Joy took this picture in Room 8 last week and there is a spirit orb in the chair.  Do you know who this is?.....'John.   He's a strong one.'

"There is also a spirit orb on the arm of the chair.  Do you know who that is?".....'No.'

Here is a picture of our grand-daughter, Aurora.  There are sprit orbs in the room with her.  Do you know who the one on the floor is?".....'Josephine. (a cat)     Baby is cute.'

"Thank you.  Do you know who the other orb is?".....'Little girl.  Amanda.'

"Can we talk to someone from the Mason family now please?  Mary, could you tell us about the hair wreath that used to hang in the parlor?".....'What do you want to know?'

"Did it belong to the Mason family?".....'Yes'

"How old is it?".....'Old.  Older than the Inn.'

(Curtis comes in)  'I have a message'

"What is your message, Curtis?".....'Room 7'

"What about Room 7?".....'He is going to touch them and try to make them leave.'

"Those are our guests.  They don't know about the spirits here".....'Yes they do.'

"Should we be concerned?".....'He wants them to leave.'

"Please tell him to leave them alone.  Touch the guy in Room 6 instead.  Joey wants to be touched.  We'd like to talk to Mary again, please.".....'Mary's weak.'

Chris says "Mary, you can take some energy from me if you need to."

Joy says "Oh, I'm getting dizzy.  I'm having a dizzy spell.  They're taking energy from me."

Chris says "Okay, I think we'd better go now.  Thanks for talking with us.  Bye."....'Don't turn it off!  Don't turn it off!'

     (A note:  The people in Room 7 that night did not mention that anything happened during the night.  But they did not look rested.  They ate quietly and left in a hurry.  Joey in Room 6 said that if anything did happen in his room, he slept right through it.  The people in Room 8 said their bathroom light turned off when they had left it on for a nightlight and she heard someone walking around in there.)

     First session, Saturday night, 5 Aug. 2006:

"Who are we talking to, please?".....'Mary'  'Harold'

"Hello Mary.  About the hair wreath that used to hang in the parlor, who did it belong to?".....'Masons'

"It belongs to your family?".....'Yes'

"Is it important to get it back?".....'Yes, get it back.  Get it back.'

"Would you be able to identify whose hair is in the wreath?".....'My family's.  Get it back.'

"Harold or Mary, What was important to you in life?".....Harold says 'Children.'

"Define love in your terms.".....'Love is......determines all.'

"Harold, do you have any children?".....'Just my brother.'

"Do you have a message for us?".....'I'm going to keep you up tonight.  Watch the lights and the tapping. Ha ha ha.'

(Amanda comes in).....'This is Amanda talking.'

"Hi Amanda.  How are you tonight?".....'Did the girl see me?'

Sarah (Chris Moon's 9 year old daughter) says "I saw you Amanda, you're pretty.".....'You're pretty too.'

"Do you want to spend the night with me in my room with me tonight?".....'I did last night.'

Heather asks "I want to know if there is a spirit in this house who wears a long blue dress.".....'You saw me on the stairs.  Did you like my hair?'

"Yes I did.  What's your name?".....'Patricia'

"How old are you, Patricia?".....'Now?'

"When you passed.".....'22'

"Did you die here in the Inn?".....'Fell off the swing out back and hit my head.'

"Do you stay here in the Inn now, or do you pass back and forth?".....'I can pass.'

"What is the last year you remember?".....'1904'

"Is there anything you want to say to Heather, Patricia?".....'I can see you.'

"I can see you, too.".....'Not everyone can see.'

(Note:  Earlier, during the GHU class, Heather had seen a woman in a long dark blue dress walk down the stairs.  There was no one in the class wearing a blue dress.  She said she had her hair up in a bun and was wearing little rimless glasses.  Chris did not know this.)

"Amanda, do you have any pets?".....'My cat.'

"Do you mean Josephine or another cat?".....'Josephine'

"Where is Josephine now?".....'I'm holding her.'

"Where does Josephine spend most of her time?".....'In the room outside the kitchen.'

"In the Keeping Room?".....'She does.'

"Mary, after you left this world, where did you go and where are you now?".....'I met my mother.'

"What happened when you passed?".....'White light.'

"Were there people there to greet you?".....'Spirit people.  My mother.'

"Did you recognize other people you knew when you were here on earth?".....'They look the same to me.'

"Harold, we have a Morse Code machine here for you to tap on.  Could you try tapping your name for us?".....'I see it.'

"Try tapping for us and we might be able to read it.".....'Are you trying to cheat?'

"Yes we are.  Try tapping on the phone and we'll see if it works.".....'I'm trying.  It's not working.  I'll tap on the speaker downstairs.'

"Not downstairs, this one.".....'I'm tapping on the device.  Does he know I'm dead?'

"Yes, he knows you're dead.  We just want to try communicating with you on the Morse Code machine.".....'You're crazy.  I'm trying.'

"I see a T.  Did you tap T?".....'No. C. You broke it.'

"It's not broken.".....'It doesn't work right.'

"I'm holding a sheet of paper that has a Morse Code printed on it.  Is this the same code you use?".....'It is.  This is a good idea, but it doesn't work.'

"Can you tap on an actual Morse Code key?".....'I can try.'

"It's not doing anything.  Are you trying?".....'I'm trying.  I can't do it myself.  This is hard.'

"Harold, we're going to leave these devices on and you can try tapping with them, okay?".....'I'll try.'

"Okay, we're going to go now.  Bye.".....'Okay'

        Second session, about 15 minutes later, 5 Aug. 06:

"Who are we speaking to, please?".....'Patricia'

"I would like to know who keeps going into my telephone downstairs when I'm talking on the phone.".....'It's me, Amanda.  Now she's mad at me.'

"I'm not mad at you, Amanda.  I just wanted to know who it was.".....'It's me.  I'm sorry.'

"Do you get energy from the battery?".....'It wasn't my idea.'

"You understand it's not the same as this 'phone'?".....'It makes me happy.  Where's Jinni?  She's in bed.  She talks to me.  She plays with me.'

"Do you play with Aurora when she's here?".....'Sometimes.  She's little.  Baby.'

"Does Aurora see you?".....'Sometimes.  She's always busy.  Busy, busy, busy.  Who's the daddy?  I think he is.  Hans.  Is the change still on the porch or did the servant take it?'

"It's still there.".....'It wasn't yesterday.  We made a deal.  Now I want a phone.'

"You want a cell phone?".....'They don't work.'

"The batteries are drained on the one you took.".....'I know.'    Harold says 'She grabbed one.'

"Do you still want the coin?".....'I want it.  It's not there.'

"I'll check and if it's not there I'll put another one there.".....'That's good.'

Janet asks "Is my Grandmother here? Is Abigail Shaw here with us?".....'Nobody knows her.  Not here.  Connect next time.'

"Is Markie here?".....'What do you want?'

"What was your father's name?".....'John.  Mississippi.'

"What about  Mississippi?".....'Boat.  Mississippi.  Never saw it coming.'

Julie asks  "Harold, do you have strawberry blond hair?".....'Color of rust.'

"Are you the one who came to me and shook my hand?".....'I did.  Sorry I'm not better looking.'

"You are very good looking.  You have a mustache.".....'Thank you.  I forgot what my face looks like.'

"You're very handsome, Harold.".....'See you soon.'

"She's in Room 8 tonight, tap on her wall.".....'I did.'

"Did you turn my light off last night?".....'That was me.'

"Why were you pacing back and forth in my bathroom last night?".....'I was worried you did not hear my message.  Did you pass on my message?'

"I told them.  Next time you need to tell me your name.".....'Now you know it.'

(Note:  Julie had seen a man in a Civil War uniform with a mustache.  He shook her hand and wanted her to tell us "Thank You" from him.  At the time she was telling us about this, earlier in the day, she said he was a bit homely looking.)

Jon asks "Who visited Room 1 tonight?".....Harold says 'That was Mary.'

"Did Mary turn the bathroom water faucet on?".....Harold says 'She's crazy.  She did.  In the front bedroom, downstairs.'    Mary says 'Why did you tell?'      Harold says 'I have nothing to loose.'

(Note: Jon was going to the bathroom in Room 1 that afternoon, and the water faucet in the sink turned on right behind him.  He was quite startled.)

"Mary, why did you do that to him?".....'Wanted to get your attention.  Stay out of my room.'

(Note:  Jon had gone up to Mary's room on the third floor just before going into the Room 1 bathroom.  Chris did not know this.)

"Are you angry that he went into your room on the third floor?".....'He reminds me of someone.  Stay out of my room.  Watch out.'

"Is Tara here with us tonight?".....Amanda says 'Tell them you're here.  She's here.'

"Who was looking in that lady's purse in Room 6 last week?".....Amanda says 'That was Katie.  She's not here now.'

"Do you listen to Kristin and Joey playing music in the parlor?"......Amanda says 'I do.  Why does he play guitar?  She plays the piano.'

"Did you like the music?".....Various people say "I do.'  'I don't.'  'I do.'  Mary says 'It's noisy.'  Harold says 'Sounds like heaven.'

"Is there a type of song you'd like to hear?".....Various people say  'I like the French kind.'   'They don't have that.'   'Anything pretty.'

"Is there a man who walks on the bridge outside?".....'He's lost.  So sad.  Lost a child.  Pray for him.'

"Does he do it at the same time everyday?".....'He's there when I look.'

"Okay, we're going to go now.  Thanks for talking with us.  Bye.".....'Don't go.'

(Note:  That night the people in Room 5 heard the rocking chair creaking although it was not moving.  The husband saw a shadow person walking in the room, and then his feet were grabbed and shaken.  Amanda visited Sarah in her room.)


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