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Mason House Inn

February 4, 2006

     Chris Moon came to the Mason House Inn for another Ghost Hunter University class on 4 February 2006.  It was too cold and windy to go up to the cemetery, but he brought a new device called "EVP Maker".  What it does is use foreign words to make sounds (we used Spanish).  Then the spirits use the sounds to put together words to talk to us in their own language.  We did a session on Friday night and regular open air EVPs and another session of EVP Maker on Saturday night.  The following is a sampling of those sessions:

"Hello to the spirits in this room with us.  What is your name?".....'Matthew'

"How many are trying to speak to us tonight?".....'8 of us.''

"Who is the leader here?".....'I am.'   A different voice says 'That's debatable.'

"Were you a patient here?".....'No.  I don't inhabit it with the rest of them.  We were here as hotel guests.  But I visit them.'

"Who is the little girl in the long nightgown that our guest saw running in the hallway?".....'That's Tara.  she's three.'

"How old is the youngest child here?".....'Itty bitty.'

What year do you last remember?".....'I was 19.'

"Do you know about the hair wreath that used to hang in the Parlor?".....'It's not here.'

"Yes, I know.  did it belong to the Mason family?".....'No, it's John's.  Not here now.  Makes me sad.'

"What is your task here in the Inn?".....'Laughter in the Inn.'

"Why are you still here?".....'Actually, I'm here with my mother.'

"Is Markie here with us?".....'Yes'

"Where did you live when you joined the war?".....'Georgia'

"What town?".....'Macon'

"Where did you fight?".....'Atlanta'

"How did you get to Bentonsport?".....'Boat.  On the river.'

"Do you wear a uniform?".....'Yes, it's cold.'

"Union or Confederate?".....'Confederate Reb.'

"Why are you here at the Inn?".....'I was wounded.  My side.  I bled real bad.  Couldn't get away.  They brought me here.  Shrapnel.  Couldn't get it out.  I fell asleep.'

"What room are you in?".....'I look out at the river.  I am sitting on my cot.'

"Harold, are you with us?".....'Yes'

"Where were you living when you joined the war?".....'Illinois'

"What town?".....'Peoria'

"What was your job?".....'Infantry'

"What are you wearing?".....'It's a uniform.'

"Are you wearing a Civil War uniform?".....'It wasn't civil.'

"What does your uniform look like?".....'It used to be blue.'

"Do you have a beard and mustache?".....'Like everyone.'

"What state were you wounded in?".....'Iowa'

"How did you get to Bentonsport?".....'They sent me down here.  Border patrol.  I didn't know I was going to die.'

"What is the last date you remember?".....'I loose track of time, don't remember.'

"Do you know Mary?".....'I know Mary.  She bothers me.'

"What does Mary do that bothers you?".....'She won't let me look at the light.  I try to see the light and she gets in the way and I can't see it.'

"Do you know Markie?  Did you die first or did he?".....'I went first.  I try to talk to him but he never listens to me.  He looks out the window.  Watches the river.  Won't listen to me.'

"Do you have a message for us?".....'You've got to do something about Mary.  Get Mary out of here.  We're all happy, but Mary won't let us see the light.'

"Can you tap something for us?".....'I'll tap when you are in bed.  Some people even run away.'

"It think that is funny, too.  What is the message?  We don't know Morse Code.".....'Get a book.  I tap and I tap but you don't understand.  Get a book.  It drives you insane, huh.  It's not easy.'

"Did you learn Morse Code in the war?".....'Yes.  I'll tap tonight.  Tap, tap, tap.  You're laughing now, just wait.  I'll tap all night long and you won't sleep.'

"Thank you, Harold.  Is Amanda here?".....'Yeah'

"Do you sometimes take money from our guests?".....'I like to play with them.  Shiny.'

"Will you give the money back?".....'I'll give you a pencil.'

"What other kinds of things do you have?".....'Lots of things.  They don't need it.  They stay, they go, they leave it, I take it.  I have everything.  They even make sounds.'

"We have a deal for you.".....'What kind of deal?'

"We want to trade coins with you.".....'It's not fair to exchange for what I have.  I'll be in trouble if I loose something.  You'll see my hiding place.  Jinni knows my hiding place.  I think she sees me.  We talk all the time.  She answers sometimes.'

"Jinni sees you?  What are you wearing?"....."It's a uniform.  Black and green.  Long to feet.  I don't want to get Jinni in trouble.  I let the cat in when it is outside.  She gets in trouble.'

"What cat?  Josephine?".....'No.  Josephine is on my side.  The cat on your side.'

"Tiger?".....'Yeah.  The grey one, Tiger.  Jinni gave me a cat.  It used to be black.'

"We still want to trade coins with you.  I have a shiny coin here.".....'That's not so shiny.'

"It says Iowa on it.".....'Put it under the mat and I'll take it.'

"Under the mat inside the front door?".....'Outside the front door.  Under the mat.  I'll trade you a key for it.'

"You'll leave a key under the mat?"....'No.  I'll leave it in the bathroom.'

"Which bathroom?  Upstairs or downstairs?".....'Downstairs.  Jinni's bathroom.'

(Chuck goes and leaves the Iowa quarter under the mat outside the front door and comes back.  No one says anything.).............'I saw you put the coin under the mat.  I will leave the key when you are gone.  You will go and then come back and you will be surprised.'

"When are you going to do it?".....'I need some time.'

"What key is it going to be?".....'The back door key.  I took it.  They looked and looked for it.  They yelled because they could not find it.  I had it.  Ha ha.  I needed it to open the door for the cat.  It was cold outside.  I took it.  You can have it back.'

"Thank you, Amanda.".....'Okay'

"We are talking to the spirits on the third floor of this building.  Who is on the third floor?".....'Mary and David.'

"Who is in Kristin's room?".....'David.  That's his room.'

"Is it okay that Kristin uses the room now?".....'I think so.  She just sleeps there sometimes.'

"Do you talk to Kristin?".....'Sometimes.  But I look like a shadow and she does not hear me.'

"Did you die here?".....'Yes, in my bedroom, in the corner.'

"How old were you?".....'Only 18.  I lived in the house with my mother.  Bad, Bad.  My damned uncle killed me.  Arnold beat me.  I called for her, but he got in anyway.  He beat me.'

"What year do you last remember?".....'I remember the fire at the mill in 1888.  My dad was gone.  My uncle got in and beat me.'

(Kristin asks) "Do you want me to talk to you and call you David?".....'That would be good.  That's my name.'

"Is it okay if we share the room?".....'Yes, I don't mind.  There were others also.'

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