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Mason House Inn

May 13, 2006

     Christopher Moon visited us once again on 13 May 2006.  This time we did a session with the 'Frank Box' on Friday night.  Then, during the Saturday class we did two sessions with the 'Frank Box' in Room 5, and a session in the dining room that night.  The following is a sampling of those 4 sessions:

        Session on the night of the 12th in the dining room:

"We are talking to the spirits with us here in this room.  What is your name?".....'Susan'

"Hello Susan.  What is your last name?".....'Mason'

"Are you related to Lewis Mason, the owner of this Inn?".....'Yes, he's my brother.  My half-brother.'

"Do you reside here?".....'I come and go, any day.'

(Someone interrupts)  "What is your name?".....'John Mason'

"Are you Lewis's brother?".....'I'm his guardian, his brother.'

"Did you live here?".....'Sure.  Sometimes.'

"Did you invent the Mason jar lid?".....'Yes.  I invent things.  That's what I do.'  (A John Mason from New York state did invent the twist-on canning jar lid.  He was a tin smith.  Lewis Mason had a brother named John and Lewis' son, George, was a tin smith and they were from Franklinville, New York.  We had been wondering if there was a connection.)

"Do you reside here?".....'I come on Sundays mainly, when I have time.'  (A different voice said, ' I need a pay raise.')

"Do you know Josephine?".....'I do.'

"Who is Josephine?".....'She is all things to me.'

"Is she a person?".....'Of course not.'

"What does she look like?".....'Like a cat I suppose.  She is soft and furry.  I love her.'

"What color is she?".....'Grey with black stripes.'  (This is what Jinni and Amanda had said also.)

"Why is Josephine here?".....'It's her house, and I am here.'

"Where did you live when you invented things?".....'Up state, New York.  That's my home.  I still stop there.'

"Is Lewis here?".....'Yes, he's here.  Lewis, they're asking for you.  Use the phone.'

"Lewis, are you here?".....'I'm here.'

"Lewis, do you reside in the Inn?".....'It's a good place for the dead.  When you die, it's a good place to be.'

"Do you inhabit it or come and go?".....'I come and go when I can.'

"How many runaway slaves did you help on the Underground Railroad?".....'Dozens'

"Was the tunnel at the Greef Store used to hide slaves?".....'We hid them when we had to.  The enemy was searching.  The sheriff.'

"Did the war come to you?".....'It did.  We had to build entrances and exits.'

"Did you hid them inside the house?".....'We did.  Where the house sits.  We did what we had to do.'

"That was brave of you.".....'I'm just a man.'

"Lewis, did you make the highchair that is in this dining room?".....'Sure did.  I'm proud of it.  Do people still talk about it?'

"Yes, children still use it.  Is there any other furniture still here that you made?".....'The picture frame.  A portrait of my daughter.  Where is it?  Where did you put it?  It's not here.'

"Could you tell us the date that the bay window was added?".....'1865'

"Lewis, we are going to let you go now.  Thank you.  Can you get Nancy Mason please?"

"Nancy?  Do you reside here?".....'No.  Others do.  I come when you call me.'

"Did you put cookies in the rooms for your guests?".....'Yup'

"What kind of cookies did you use?".....'There's lots of them.  All kinds.'

"We're going to continue your tradition.  Is that okay?".....'Thank you.'

"Thank you, Nancy.  Can we talk to Mary Mason Clark now?"

"Mary?   Do you reside primarily on the 3rd floor?".....'Well, yeah.'

"Why are you so angry?".....'He keeps tapping.'

"Does Harold go on the 3rd floor to see the light?".....'He won't see it.  He's tapping.'

"Is it okay if he taps on the 2nd floor?".....'No.  No tapping.'

"Do you have a message for us?".....'Stop annoying me.'

"Does Harold's tapping bother you?".....'Yes.  He is annoying me.'

(We hear tapping on the speaker.)  "We hear you Harold.".....(2 more taps)

"Harold, do you know about the tapping device we have here?".....'Absolutely'  (We had a Morse Code box.)

"Are you able to tap on this button instead of tapping on the walls?".....'I don't know.  It's difficult.  It takes a while.  I talk to Chris.  You don't listen.  Now you want me to hit the button?  Give me a break.'

"Do you want us to understand what you are tapping?".....'It's difficult.  I keep doing it.  Nobody listens.  I tapped on the glass.  I tapped on the walls.  It's hard.'

"I know it's hard.  But it's hard for us to understand the short and long pulses when it is on the walls and glass.  We need to do it electronically.".....'Are you kidding me?'

"No, Harold, we're not kidding.".....'I'll tap my name.' (We could not get the box to work, the batteries were drained.)

"Sorry, I guess we'll have to fix it and try it later".....'I guess you'll have to.'

"The batteries are drained.".....'I didn't do it.'

"Harold, we're wanting to talk to Fannie Mason Kurtz now.  Is she here?".....'You want me to go away?'

"No, you don't have to go away.  We just want to talk to Fannie now.  Thank you."......(tap, tap on the speaker.)

"Fannie Mason Kurtz, are you here?  Do you reside here at the Mason House?".....'Yes.  That's not what we called it.'

"What did you call it?".....'The Phoenix.'  (This is true.  The Mason family called it the Phoenix Hotel.)

"Do you lock the doors at night sometimes?".....'Yes'

"Do you open the doors for the children?".....'Yes, when it is a baby.'  (This had actually happened with a baby a few days before.)

"Did you close the back door today?"....'Yes.  So the baby could not go out.  Just trying to help.'  (This had actually happened to a baby earlier in the day.)

"Thank you for watching out for the children.".....'You know mothers.'

"Do you sit in a rocking chair in front of the fireplace in this room?".....'Yes, it's my favorite place.  I have such good memories.'

"Do you have any message for the owners?".....'Get my plaques back.  My plaques.  My awards.  Get them back.'

"Who has them?".....'The little man.  The little ugly man.'

"What plaques are they?".....'My awards.  Before the flood.  The water rose.  1903.  So much destruction.  We had to leave the house.  My awards, from before 1903.  He took them, stole them.  Stole them from me.'

"We will try to find them if we can.".....'Thank you.'

"Francis Clark, can you come through?".....'Yes'

"Francis, Frank, do you reside here?".....'Yes'   (Chris says he is a very weak spirit.)

"Do you show yourself to Joy?".....'No, not me.  That was Curtis.  It wasn't me.'

"Do you know Mary's here on the 3rd floor?".....'I know'  (At this point, Mary jumps in and yells at him and makes him go.  She was telling him not to talk to us.  Then so many spirits started talking at once we decided to end the session.)

"We need to go now.  There are too many of you talking at once and we can't understand you."......'There's only 33 of us.  What's the problem?'

"Only 33?  Thank you, good bye."........'I'll be here tomorrow.'

          On the 13th:  First session in Room 5:

"Hello to the spirits in this room .  Is anybody here that would like to talk to us?".....'Markie'

"Hello Markie.  Why are you in this room instead of your regular room?".....'Harold made me come.'

"Who is the woman that sits in front of this mirror here and combs her hair?".....'That's Julie' (or Julia)

"Julie who?  Can you say your full name?"....'She's not here.'

"Is anybody hungry?".....'What do you think.  Please drop it.'

"How many children are with us now?".....'Eleven'

"Markie, what is your mother's name?".....'Delores'

"Technicians, is there a vortex in this Inn?".....'Vortex, yes.'

"Where?".....'Right here. (Chris said they meant the phone.) Don't move it.  And the basement.'

"Is Harold here?".....'What do you want?'

"Can you tap on the wall for us Harold?".....'How many do you want?'

"Three".....(Immediately there were three taps on the speaker) 'Ha ha.  I'll get you.'

"Harold, are you the one who knocks on our bedroom door?".....'Not me.  That's the little ones.  I see dead people.'

Chris: "Did you see my class tonight?".....'Of course'

"Was I accurate?"......'Pretty much'

"Thank you.  We're going to go now.  We'll be back later."......'Okay'

         Also on the 13th, about half an hour later, Second session in Room 5:

"Hello to the spirits in this room .  What is your name?".....'Joseph'

"Why are you here in this building?".....'George said I had to stay.'

"Do you reside here?  In this building?".....'Yes'

"What happened to you?".....'I fell.  Hit my head.'

"Did that happen here?".....'At the store.'

"Why are you here at the Inn?".....'It's typical.  I stop by.  I don't do it all the time.'

"Who is George?".....'The shop keeper'

"Is that George Moore, the shop keeper?".....'Yes, that's him.'

"Who are you married to?"......A woman's voice says 'Me'.

"When did you die?".....'Fall.  1879'

"Where did you come from?".....(Someone else jumps in) 'Hello?  Hello?'

"What's your name?".....'Andy.  I'm new.'

"You mean you died recently?".....'You could say that.'   (Someone else jumps in.  Tapping on the speaker.)

"Harold, is that you?".....'Yup'

"Are you still tapping?".....'Of course.  I can't find my purple book.  I looked at it.  Can't you see it.  I put it here.  Now it's gone.  I'm going to keep them up all night until you find it.'

"What's the name of the book?'.....'Can't you find it?  It was right here.'

"Is it a story book?".....'It is.  Why would you move it?'

"Did you write the book?".....'Yes.  It's purple.  There's 50 pages.  I had a lot of time on my hands.'

"Do you know who took it?".....'Yes.  They're never going to give it back.  It's history.  It's mine.  The little man took it.  He looks at it everyday.  Never going to give it back.  It's mine.'  (He goes on and on about his purple book.)

"Let's move on please.  Who opens the back staircase door?".....'That's Amanda.'

Chris: "Who touched me just now?".....'It was me.  Ha Ha.'

"Did somebody die on the back staircase?".....'It had to be Sylvia.'

"How old is Sylvia?".....'No older than 17.'

"Did she work here?".....'Yes'

"Sylvia, what was your job here?".....'Employed by the family.  Hostess.  It was my job.'

"What is your last name, Sylvia?"......'Pearson' (or Pierson or Peterson)

"What year did you pass on?".....'1878'

"Were you married?".....'No'

"Are you mad about your demise?".....'It was my time.  Doesn't mean anything to me.'

"What cemetery is your body buried in?".....'I wasn't privy.'

"Do you communicate with other spirits here?".....(She starts naming a list of names)  'There's about 30 I talk to.  And the pussy cat.'

"What's the name of the cat?".....'Kitty.  Pussy cat.  It's Mr. Mason's cat.'

"Change the subject.  Who was out in the caboose with me?  Watching me?".....'We all do.  We all watch.'

"Who was the yellow orb I saw in my window last night?".....'It was Harold.'

"Why did you let me see you?"......'I didn't.  You were in the right damn place.'

"Who is the lady who sits in Room 7's rocking chair?".....'It must be Mary.'

"She comes down from the third floor?".....'She's everywhere.  Good lord.'

"Does she knit?".....'She knits and complains.  She knits too much.'

"Is Curtis here tonight?".....'I'm here.'

"Do you show yourself to Joy?".....'Sometimes'

"How many deaths have taken place in this house?".....Starts listing names...'Too many.   Amanda thinks this is boring.'

"Hey, Amanda!  Why haven't you taken the coin I left for you?".....'Not very shiny.'

"Does that mean you don't want it?"....'Well, maybe.  How does this operate?'  (Meaning the phone)

                   (Too many start talking over each other so we ended the session.)

          On the 13th, late night session in the dining room:

     Chris had gone to the sun room to get a soda, and when he turned around he saw the head of an old woman staring at him through the window.  She had a bun on top of her head.  As soon as she saw that he saw her, she disappeared.   He was pretty startled.

"We are talking to the spirits in this room.  Mary if that was you, you got me.".....'Sorry'

"Harold, if you are here, can you spell your last name for us please?"......'I can tap it for you.  I tapped on the speakers.  I think it's funny.'

"Can you spell it for us?  Without tapping it?".....(Tapping on the speakers)  'It's so simple.  Get a book.  Why can't they get it?'  (more tapping)

"Harold, if you're not going to tell us, I guess we'll talk to Markie instead.".....'Okay, but get a book.'

"Markie"..... (A woman says 'He doesn't know he's dead')

"We know.  Markie, can you tune us in as part of your dream?  We want to talk to you.....(someone else jumps in)

"Who is this?".....'James'   (someone else jumps in)   'Harold.  Where's my purple book?'

"Harold, does it have your name on it?".....'No.  In it.'

"Is it about you, Harold?".....'It ought to be.  I wrote it.'

"Is it an autobiography?".....'Oh yeah. I had time.  All my time.  Couldn't finish it.'

"Is it about your time in the war?".....'Some of it.  Pictures of my medal.  My suit.  My army suit.'

"We'll see if we can find it, okay?".....'Yes, sir.  I found it.  I can see it.  The little man has it.  Across the river.  He looks at it and puts it away.  He likes the picture of my medal.  Taken by mistake.  He claimed it.  Don't let him hide it.  It's mine.'

"Chuck and Joy are going to see what they can do to find it, okay?"....'Thank you.'

"Amanda, we have some friends here tonight who have some gifts for you.".....'That's a shiny star.'

"Do you want it?".....'Yeah'

"Where should we leave it so you can take it?".....'Leave it here.'

"We have some other things too.  Do you want them?".....'The shiny ones.  Is this a trick?'

"We're not trying to trick you.  They're gifts.  You take them if you want them."......'Okay, but it's a trick.'   (We left the items on the table and in the morning one of the items was missing.  The star was still there.)

"Is Curtis with us?".....'Here'

"Are you the one who shows himself to Joy?"....'That's right.  When she's cleaning.'

"What is your last name, Curtis?".....'Gregory'

"Do you reside here all the time?".....'Yes, and no.'

"Did you die here in the Inn?".....'I did.  She makes the beds.'

"Do you like the way Joy makes the beds?".....'Yeah.  That's why I watch.'

"Do you lie in the beds and make impressions in them?".....'Yeah.  About 3 of them.'

"Which rooms?".....'Upstairs'

"What are you wearing when Joy sees you?"........'Brown trousers.'

"Do you have facial hair?".....'Yes, sir.  I believe so.'

"What color shirt do you have on?".....'I don't remember.  Why does it matter?'

"So she can recognize you when you show yourself to her.  How old were you when you passed?".....'39'

"What is the last year you remember?".....'18....don't know.  We were supposed to be out, but I stayed.'

"Did you live in Bentonsport or were you traveling through?".....'I worked on a boat, but my life was here.'

"Why are you still here in this building?".....'I like it here.'

"Does anybody know where the Photography Studio was here in Bentonsport?".....'Main Street'

"Was it in another building or by itself?".....'It was a shop.'

"Was it on the first floor or second floor of the shop?".....'It was right there.'

"Was it by the Inn?".....'Further down the street.'

"Was it by George Moore's store?".....'Not there now.  By the mercantile.  Moore's mercantile.'

"Next to George Moore's mercantile?".....'Next door,  up the stairs.  It was sitting right there.  Now it's gone.  Why do you want to know?'

"So we understand what Bentonsport used to look like.  Does anybody know where the cemetery was down by the river?".....'By the mill.  The water razed it.  Why are you doing this?'

"We want to document history.".....'You should talk to Eugene.  He knows.  He kept records about the buildings, about the floods and killings.  You got to talk to Eugene I tell you.  Important records.'

"Is Eugene here tonight?".....'I'll find him.  Don't miss this chance.  I'll try to pull him through.  He knows everything.'    (Another voice says 'Hey, what are you doing?')

"Just trying to talk to you.  Are you Eugene?"......'Yup'

"Eugene, what is your last name?".....'They called me Gene.  I watch the spirits go.  It used to be Wasson.  Spell my name right.'  (I had written Watson)  'Two S's.'  (I changed it to Wasson)  'Now you got it.'

"What's the last year you remember?".....'It was 1907.'

"We want to ask you about the Mormon House.  The white limestone building at the north end of this street.  Was it really built by Mormons from Nauvoo in 1846?".....'They built alot here.  I think it was.  Yes, I'm sure.'

"Were you here in 1846?".....'No. But I know someone who was.  He told me.  Yes, it was there.  It was a good house.'

"Did they build the Mason House?".....'Everybody was a Mason.'

"Do you mean the Order of Masons?  The Lodge?".....'Yeah.  In the 1800s.'

"Did the Mormons build this building we are in now?".....'Is that what you call them?  We helped them.  Hired them.  Jobs.'

"Okay.  It's getting late.  We're going to go now.  Thank you all for your help.".....'I love EVP!'

"Who said that?".....'See, it's me Harold.'

"Will you spell your last name for us?"....'I'll tap it for you.  I'll tap it tonight.'

"We don't understand the tapping.  Give us a clue."....'Get a book.   Here's a clue.  The short ones are different from the long ones.  Ha Ha.'

"Harold, were you married?".....'Yes'

"Can you tell us her name?".....'I'll tap it.  Ha Ha.'

"Harold, are you going to go out to the train and tap tonight?".....'I might be directing.  Choo!  I saw you finish it.'

"What do you think of it?".....'Sure is nice.  Can you see the orbs?'

"I took pictures of orbs out there.  Is one of them you?".....'That's me.  Listen for a tinny tap.'

"Tinny tap?  Are you going to tap on the metal?" ......'It's touch and go.  Sorry, but I have to go now.  I have to tap.  Gotta go.  I have people to wake.'

"Thanks Harold".....(tap, tap on the speaker)

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