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Mason House Inn

May 21, 2005

     Christopher Moon, a professional 'Ghost Hunter' from Haunted Times Magazine in Denver, Colorado, came to the Inn and performed an investigation using several scientific devices.  He uses a digital thermometer to detect fluctuations in room temperature, an EMF reader to find any abnormal electrical disturbances in the area.  He uses a 'white noise' machine to draw the spirits near, and a digital voice recorder to record any noises that are not registering in the human ear.  The voice recorder can pick up noises we cannot hear and then when played back, we can hear them.  This is known as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

     During the EVP sessions we had the following results:

"Is Mary here?".......'Mary'

"Are you in a rocking chair?"......The sound of a rhythmic creaking, like a rocking chair, starts in the background and continues throughout the entire interview.

"Did you die here?".....A woman's voice says 'yes' and a man's voice says 'no'.

"Why are you here?".....'Happy here.'

"Did you arrive by boat or train or covered wagon?".....A little girls voice says 'maybe'.

"Did Abraham Lincoln ever stay here?".....'I don't know the answer to that.'

"What is your favorite color?"....."Any color's good.'

"What is your name?".....'Harold'

"Are you sitting on the bed right now?".....'This is the bed.'

"Do you have a message for the owners?".....'Tell them we are happy here, not to leave.'

"Let us know if you need any help.".....'Thank you.'

"Thanks for letting us be here.".....'Of course.'

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