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Mason House Inn

September 3, 2005

     Christopher Moon, from Haunted Times Magazine in Denver, Colorado, came again on Sept. 3, 2005 and held a second class.  This time he brought his "Frank Box", which is a radio type device which the spirits use to talk through.  This picture shows Chuck, Chris Moon and his mom, Paulette, during a session with the box.  Since the answers come back immediately, we are able to ask many questions and receive lots of information this way.  The following is a list of questions we asked and the answers that came through the "Frank Box":

"What is your name?".....'Bill Robinson'

"Do you stay here?".....'I am visiting.'

"Why are you here?".....'I am proud of the hotel I built.  It is very pretty.'

"Who else is here?".....'Grace Seward'

(Somebody interrupts)

"What is your name?".....'David Brinks'

"Why are you here?".....'I saw your phone and came from across the creek.  I want to talk to you.'

"What do you want to tell us?".....'I was killed.  Now I am lost.  I don't know what to do.'

"Did you see the white light?".....'Yes, but it came too soon and I did not go.  Now I am lost and can't find my wife and babies.  I don't know where they are.  I messed up.  Now I don't know what to do.'

"I (Chris) can help you find the light again so you can go on.  Do you want me to help you go on?".....'Not yet.'

"Well, when you are ready to go, you can come find me and I will help you find the white door again.  Okay?".....'Thank you.'

"Is anybody else here?".....'James'

"What is your last name, James?".....'James VanGannen.  I came by boat.  I played poker here.  They shot me.'

"Here in this room we are in?  This dining room?".....'Yes, in this room.'

"Do you still play poker?".....'They don't have that here.'

"Were you cheating?".....'I was holding.  I cheated.  They shot me.  Vince (or Vance) shot me.'

"Didn't you think they would be angry if you cheated?".....'It's just a game.'

"Did they shoot you inside the house or outside?  Was it night or day?".....'It was dark, what do you think?  They took me out back to the alley.  They shot me.'

"Are you happy now?  Here?".....'Yeah, I'm happy here.'

"Who is it that messes the bed in Room 6?".....'That's Harold's room.'

"Can we talk to Harold?  Is he here?".....'I'm here.'

"What is your name?".....'Harold Lambert' (or Langford or Lemberg, it wasn't very clear)

"Did you die here?".....'The first time.'

"Why are you here?".....'I was hurt real bad.  They brought me here.  I was badly wounded.  I died here.'

"Was this the Civil War?".....'Yes, it's a war.'

"What is the last date you remember?".....'Don't know.  My time line's off.'

"How old are you?".....'34'

"Do you stay here by choice?".....'I do.'

"Are you happy with Chuck and Joy?".....'Yeah, they clean real nice.'

"Do you move throughout the house or stay in Room 6?".....'I move all over the place.'

"Is it your footsteps we hear?".....'Yeah'

"Do you like everyone here?".....'Mostly'

"Are you the one tapping on the walls in Room 6?".....'Yes'

"Is it Morse Code?".....'Sure'

"What are you trying to tell us?  Can you just say it now?".....'Decipher the words.  I told you once.'

"Is there anything we can do for you?".....'Turn on the light pole.'

"Do you want the light on the pole outside turned on?".....'That's a start.'

"Do you make the imprints on the beds?".....'I like the beds.'

"Who is the boy in the Civil War uniform who got into the picture with the class?".....'That's Mark, Markie.  He's a good soldier.'

"What is Markie's last name?".....'Ask him.'

"Are you there Markie?  What's your last name?".....'Danford' (or Danforth)

"Are you buried in the Bentonsport Cemetery?".....'I don't know.'

"How old were you when you died?"....'What?'  (Chris said it sounded like he did not know he was dead, so we switched to present tense.)

"How old are you?".....'15'

"Were you in the War?".....'Yes'

"What did you do?".....'Arms.  It's a war.'

"How did you die?"....."I don't understand.  I just have a cough.'

"What's the last thing you remember?".....'I fell asleep.'

"Does this seem like a dream?".....'It does.'

"How long have you been asleep?".....'So long, so long.'

"Do you ever see a white light?".....'Sometimes'

"Maybe sometime you should walk into the light to see what happens.".....'Maybe.  It's all just a dream anyway.'

"Who is the little girl here?  Do you know her name?".....'She won't let me sleep.  Always nagging me.  I want to sleep.'

"What is her name?".....'Robin Davenport.  Someone pushed her off the stoop.'

"How old is she?".....'No more than 3.'

"Are there any other children here?".....'Yes'

"How many?".....'5, no 6 in all.  There is Morris, his father killed him.   Tina (or Trina) is watching now.  She thinks this is funny.  The others don't want to listen.'

"Does someone here play with Jinni, the little girl living here?".....'That's Amanda.'

"Can we talk to Amanda?  What's your full name?".....'Amanda Keating' (or Kiesling)

"How old are you?".....'14 and a half.'

"Do you like to play with Jinni?".....'Yes, we play.  Tell her not to let the cat in the back door.  It is getting her in trouble.'

"Is there a cat spirit here in the Inn?".....'Does the cat matter?'

"We want to know the cat's name."..... 'Why do you want to know the cat's name?'

"So we can call it by it's proper name.".....'Josephine.  The cat's proper name is 'Josephine'.  (This was said with a bit of sassiness.)

"Are you the ones taking things from the guests?".....'We like the things.'

"Where are they?  Where do you put them?".....'If we tell you, he will take them back.'

"Can you tell us where one of the things is?".....'If we tell you where one is you will find all of them.  Under the house.'

"Can you put them back?"....."We will put one thing back.'

"Where will you put it?".....'On the step.  Look for it.'

"Do you have anything to tell the owners?".....'I love the house.'

"Okay, goodbye Amanda.  We are going now.  Thanks for talking with us.".....'Okay'

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     During the EVP sessions on Sept. 3rd, we had the following results:

"What side did you fight on in the Civil War?".....A tapping sound of Morse Code on the window.

"What regiment were you with?".....More tapping.  We deciphered it to be DM.

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