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Mason House Inn

September 11, 2006

     We had a producer here filming a documentary about Chris Moon.  Here are some of the results of the 'Frank Box' session we did for the film:

"We have a very special guest with us tonight.  This is Jon and he is going to photograph this session to show other people how we do this.".......'That's good.'

"Who are we speaking to now?".....'Harold'

"Hello Harold.  We aren't asking you to perform for us, but if you want to, could you tap for us?"....(Tapping sounds on the speaker)....'I am tapping now.'

"That's good!  Do you want to do anything else for us?".....'You're in for a game tonight.  I'm going to tap on Jon.  Watch for the bathroom light.  I'll use the switch.'

"He wants to be a believer, Harold.".....'He will be.'

(Two of Jon's cookies had disappeared from his cookie jar while we ate supper.)  "Who helped themselves to Jon's cookies tonight?".....Harold says.. 'That was Amanda.'    Amanda says...'You told!'

"Amanda, what did you do with the cookies?".....'I hid them.'

(She had previously told us that she hides things under the house.)  "Are they going to get bugs in them?".....'Probably.  Do you want them back?'

"No that's okay, you can keep them.  Who was it that was trying to talk on Chuck and Joy's phone earlier this week?"......Amanda says 'That was Harold.'

"Who was walking in the hallway last night?".....Harold says  'That was Mary.'

"Mary, why were you walking in the hallway last night?".....'I wanted to see him.'

"You wanted to see Jon?  Why?".....'I check the beds.'   Amanda asks...'What's that in his hand?  That's a funny mirror.'  (Jon was holding a hand-held monitor.) 

"Is Patricia Mason here?".....'She's here.'

"Patricia, did you show yourself to one of our guests during a tour here last week?".....'I did.  In the mirror.  The blond lady.'

"Why did you show yourself to just her?".....'They have to glow.'

"Patricia, how are you related to Lewis Mason?".....Amanda says  'I know.  She follows him around.'

"Amanda, do you know where Josephine is?".....'I'm holding her.'

"Would you like to stand here in front of our camera and have your picture taken with Josephine?".....'You're tricking me.  This is a prank.'

"No, it's not a prank.  Are you going to help us get a picture of Josephine?".....'Nope.  You're always trying to trick me.'

"We just need your help, Amanda.".....Harold says 'She wants more cookies.'....Amanda says ' Now I'm in trouble.  I'll put them back.'

"You're not in trouble.  Just so you know, it's okay to talk on our cell phone when we have it on.'......'I didn't break it, Dad.'

"She called you Dad." (Usually Amanda refers to Chuck as 'he'.).....Harold says 'That's a first.'

Chuck says "You're welcome to call me Dad if you want".....'I love you Dad!'

"I love you too, Amanda.  Who was pulling Kristin's blankets off her bed the other night?".....Harold says 'That was Mary.'  Mary says ' I was trying to get her attention.  Stay out of my room.'

"But she's not in your room.  Did it bother you when we went in your room to take the shutters down?".....'Put them back.'

"We did.  We painted them and put them back this morning.".....'I see them now.'

"Do you like your room?".....'No.  Not at all.'

"What can we do to make your room better for you?".....'My chair.  I want my rocking chair.'

"Where is your chair?".....'I don't know.'

"What did it look like?".....'Beige.'

"Does anyone want to say Hi to Jon?".....A woman says 'Hi Jon.'

Jon says "Thank you.".....'No problem.'

"What is your name?".....'Sara Beth'

"Do you reside here?"......'Technician.  I'm always helping you.'

"You're a technician?  Are you helping Chris or the Inn?"......'I stay with the phone.

"So you're a technician with the Frank Box.  Thank you for your work.  Can you connect us to some other people here in the Inn?  Is John Mason here tonight?".....'He was, but not now.'

"Amanda, when you passed away, do you remember what happened?".....'I died.'

"Do you know what happened to you?".....'I fell off the stoop.  Hit my head.  Pa said it was an accident.  Not my fault.  Took weeks to die.  Ma was crying alot.  They took me to the hospital.'

"The hospital here at the Inn?".....'Yeah.  Ma cried and cried.  I'm so sorry.'    Harold says 'She crying.'

"It's okay, Amanda, we don't want to upset you."......Harold says "She's afraid she'll get in trouble.'

"What happens if you get in trouble, Amanda?".....'No one will talk to me.  Do you want me to go?'

"No, you don't have to go.  Any last things anyone wants to say?".....'Can you stay longer?'

"I'll be back in November.  I'll bring the box again.".....'We'll wait.'

"Thanks everyone.  Take it easy on Jon tonight.".....'He better lock his door.'

Note:  That night Jon heard knocking sounds in the air above his bed.  He heard someone walking back and forth at the foot of his bed, and someone walking back and forth in the hallway outside his door.  He said it was not scary, but really really interesting.

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