Gift Certificates:
Ideal gift for family and friends.  General Certificate: lets them choose their own room, (except the Caboose Cottage) and date:  $84.00 (plus tax).  The Caboose Cottage Gift Certificate is $105.00 (plus tax).   Specific Certificates: you choose room and date and pay the regular room rate for that room. 
   We can take a Visa or MasterCard number over the phone, or you can send us a check.  We can send the certificate directly to them or to you.  Call Joy at 319-592-3133 to order a Gift Certificate.

Cindi's Doll Shoppe:
Hand-made cloth dolls. Many varieties.  No two alike.  Pioneer girls and boys.  Can be made to order for color of hair, eyes, skin, and clothing.  Small: $10.00, Medium: $15.00, Large: $25    

Mason House Inn Coffee Mugs:
   Without a candle in it : $10    With a candle in it: $15

A History of Benton's Port book:
65 page booklet with pictures and history of Bentonsport.

Ghostly Happenings book:
A journal kept by Joy about the ghosts of the Mason
House Inn.   Volume 1 covers years 2001 through 2007.
Volume 2 covers years 2008 and 2009.  Volume 3 covers
years 2010 - 2011.  $5.00 each.

Made of crushed marble, various colors.  Available in Mason House Inn likeness and patriotic themes.  $12.00
Mason House Inn Ornaments come in red, blue and green.  $12.00

Stands are also available.  $2.00

Patriotic Ornaments $12.00

"I survived a night at the Mason House Inn."   Also "What happens at the Inn, stays at the Inn."  And "Ghosts are people too.... They're just corporally challenged."   Available in various colors and sizes.  Cindi will take orders for sizes and colors. T-shirts: $20.00 (plus shipping if mailed to you)  Sweatshirts: $30.00  (plus shipping if mailed to you)

Knitted and Crocheted hats and scarves:
Hand made by Joy and Kristin. Various colors and styles.   $8.00

Gift Items

Or...I need a souvenir!

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MHI ornament1
MHI mugs
Cindi's dolls
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