Cindi is the oldest daughter of Chuck and Joy.  She is a gifted seamstress!

   If you need special clothing sewn or altered..........Call Cindi
   If you need costumes ..........Call Cindi
   If you want a Car Seat Cover or Pajamas in a novelty print.........Call Cindi
   If you need a unique gift that can only be hand-made...........Call Cindi
   If you need a monogram or personalization embroidered on an item.........Call Cindi
   Monogrammed towels or shirts make great gifts!

        Here are samples of Cindi's handiwork:
Pioneer Girl Dolls - Small: $10    Medium: $15     Large: $25
       Your choice of hair color, eye color, dress color

Laptop and/or Tablet Computer Covers -  $15 to 2$5 depending on size.  Can be made to fit your laptop.  Various sizes and various prices.  Call for quotes.  Your choice of fabrics and sizes.


Here is an example of
costumes sewn by Cindi:  Specializing in Pioneer and Rendezvous clothing.

Shirts machine embroidered with various designs.  T-shirts $20 and Sweatshirts $30  (Price depends on simple or difficult design.)

Prices quoted do not include taxes and shipping charges.

Cindi's Sew 'n Sew

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Embroidered shirts
Laptop cover John Deere
Pioneer girl dolls
Laptop cover University of Iowa
Laptop cover Iowa State University
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